Life is a Purework

Pureworks with Workman

Pure Works with Workman was birthed through accepting life's call to redefine myself during the COVID-19 pandemic.


I was forced, as we all were, to take a pause from the "everyday", and really take a close look at my relationships, my perspectives, my values, and last my diet.


Without the daliy fillers like coffee runs and "never breaks" at work, I was left sorting through what worked and what didn't work in my life.


When rough days came during the pandemic, from my tiny window in the kitchen, I would sip my Matcha and think "honey, this is a Pure Work". Not busy work, not "see me work", not avoiding work….but Pure Work. 


We are launching our tea line because we want you to sit and think. Pause, enjoy a cup with your sister or friend. Pull out your journal and write, call someone and tell them you love them. Let the 13 organic herbs in our Pure Works Tea serve as a soothing reminder for you to tap back into what is meaningful.


Pure Work opperates out of intergrity, excellence, tolarance, and having a high regard for the human race and putting love first.


Thank you for pausing with us. Take a seat, take a sip, and enjoy.


In solidarity,



Marie Workman